Śūnyānta brings to you a 3 day Serenity Surrender (SS) certified Basic Workshop which makes one delve into deeper aspects of your life by acknowledging the connection between the mind, body and soul. The workshop unravels our wisdom of understanding more about ‘Being Us’ rather than focusing on ‘What the World Is’. SS allows us to live our life multi-dimensionally and remain in-sync with the events happening around us.

The workshop facilitates self-awareness which helps one in shaping their career and personal lives. While learning the art of healing, each participant acquires knowledge to peel the layers of inner peace which allows them to recognise and bring out their untapped self to flourish and excel in their life paths.

During this workshop one learns-

  • The technique to connect with the Creator (our higher self) and recognise
    our eternal connection with the Universe and everything in it;
  • To recognise the conflicts faced by us in the present being a result of the
    deep rooted beliefs carried by us at the sub-conscious level;
  • To recognise the origin and basis of our emotions, their impact on us, and gradually release the negative ones;
  • To align our Chakras (Energy Centres) through Meditation;
  • To facilitate manifestation of our desires
  • Recognise the choices made by us in each moment and witness them
    coming in alignment with the universe
  • Connect and heal through SS Oracle cards;
  • To heal self and others for any problem faced in our daily lives;
  • To become aware of our judgements which are stopping us from
    experiencing our relationships completely;
  • To recognise and release our blocks that open gates for success and growth;
  • Heal physical ailments


“There is a superhero in all of us, not to climb buildings or beat villains singlehandedly, but with the ability to face forthcoming challenges in life and inspire while being inspired.”

Every child is born with his or her unique potential. As they grow, they have to deal with a web of distortions consisting of expectations, pressure (peer/
societal/parental) and perfection which is deemed necessary to survive in the world. Sometimes these expectations are in harmony with the child’s potential and sometimes they weigh too heavy on them. This creates a gap between what they are and what they are expected to be.

All that the children require is the right facilitation to hone and nurture their skills but due to their tender age, we fear allowing them this freedom to let them choose for their own selves.

The 5 day Serenity Surrender Children’s Workshop enables the young-ones to whet their skills and emerge as a confident, sociable, peaceful, and ambitious person. This lifts the weight off their innocent shoulders and thus, connects them back with themselves.

The special four hour module of this workshop is spread over 5 days. While having fun, your child will learn to:

  • Understand their relationships with their parents, teachers, siblings, friends, etc. better and improve them
  • Learn to appreciate what they have and create more abundance for themselves
  • Work towards understanding their wishes and making them come true
  • Learn to take their decisions with confidence
  • Deal with their fears, anxiety, grief, jealousy, aggression, peer pressure, lack of expression, etc.
  • Reconcile with physiological & psychological trauma
  • Sense and prevent sexual harassment
  • Connect with the cosmic energy
  • Learning how to enjoy the purpose and freedom of restrictions
  • Encourage risk-taking without fear of failure
  • Cope with bullying
  • Empowering themselves with self-love and self-respect
  • Be more adaptive to change and become socially responsible

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