Astrology, positioning of stars, birth chart, and energy charts: we are curious to know the future. The future is mystic, full of anxieties and surprises. Also, we take the future to be the result of our exams given in the present.

December is the month where we start searching the astrologers’ columns on how the stars are shaping up for the coming year. We plan our events based on the good events forthcoming for the future. With respect to the not-so-good events, we plan such acts so as to either dissuade from the happening of the event or try to equip oneself with such weapons to fight through the event.

In my experiences with clients over healing sessions, often questions sprung up “what do my energies tell about the future?” “I am already going through the present circumstances. I just want to know what would happen to my career/life in a few years from now.” “Would I be able to end all of this in the future?” The questions are never-ending. “I need to know what’s in store for me”, “I must know whether I am going to end up in the same loop or not” is all that one says in response to the reason to look into the future.

What do we gain by knowing what does the future hold for us? If the future is bright and positive, then do we keep ourselves dwelling in thoughts about the manifestation of foresight? Or if the future is undesirable, then do we exhaust our energies in an attempt to alter the future event?

In a healing session, a man (client name not disclosed) narrated that he was once told by an astrologer that he would be imprisoned for an offense in his life. This prediction grew the seed of insecurity in his mind. He started operating in the direction of not allowing the happening of such event. He spent his entire life trying to avoid situations where he would have to face law enforcement agencies. In those attempts, the person remained fearful. His character was gradually built on fear and passed on his actions to his family. This affected his family so much that he underwent a situation where his son got imprisoned in a criminal case. Reflecting over it, he could not understand how things shaped up so drastically in his life that despite spending his entire resources to avoid happening the event in his life, he experienced a similar ordeal through his family member.

The future may be known through predictions based on varied signs. However, it is yet to take form. The mode, method, and experiences are yet to occur. What we are told of the future is only the event. What we are yet to know of the future are our understandings through the event. If we only dwell in the future, then we miss out on the most important aspect of our being, which is the present moment. The insecurities of the future are experienced only in the current moment. Our current actions decide the course of our future. The future does not decide the course of our current actions.

Another key point to note is that the future of the past is the present. The future of the current moment would simply be lived in the moment that then becomes the present.

While we tread on the path of self-realization, the road to the future is meant to bring experiences packaged for us in the highest best manner. All we have to do is be in constant awareness of our actions and witness the direction that our actions take us to. This allows us to be at peace with ourselves and experience the joys of life from then, now, and there.

So what does the future hold for us?

It carries the yields of the enriching moments of the present for us. Be the present. Be the moment. Be the now.

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