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The happiness of buying a pair of our favorite shoes through online shopping doubles when it is delivered to our doorstep on the same day. Open the box and we say Voila while holding the bright-colored footwear in our hands. The anticipation is high, the excitement higher and the imagination of comfort and appreciation is at its peak within us.

The moment we wear it and feel it rub against the skin, we feel a slight pinch on our feet. The excitement of wearing it down the street, however, is so high that we do not care about the pinch. As we walk further, the pinch becomes piercing. We are unable to walk properly and end up developing sores on the feet. The shoes no longer bring the feeling of goodness. We tend to wear protective socks, apply some Vaseline on our feet. We discontinue wearing the shoes until our feet turn better. We also tread with caution while wearing them again. The excitement seems to fizzle out faster than it had developed.

Consider these new shoes as the moment of new coming into our lives. We feel that we have all that it takes to enjoy the experiences of the new: be it a new city that we may settle in, a new classroom, a new job, new business, a new relationship stitched in life, or even a new gym that we would have enrolled.

However, the reality bites just as the shoe bites. We do not understand the essence that the new is meant to bring to us. We believe that the new moment is a moment of our success that we need to savor. When we create friction with the new (inasmuch as we believe that the new is changing us completely and we must hold on to our present), then we feel ourselves fighting at large with the world. We create resistance around us which leads to friction with the external situations and find ourselves injured.

What we fail to understand is that the new that comes within our lives is all about understanding our aspects anew. A new city brings a new set of understandings of accepting the surroundings within and outside. A new classroom brings fresh understandings of adaptability, perseverance, and amicability. A new job brings renewed understandings of our potential to work as a team with the organization and draw accreditation while respecting the work. A new business brings deeper understandings of being a leader while being a support team. A new relationship brings understandings of mutual respect, empathy, and our potential to be the other. Enrolling in a new gym would bring the understandings of the flexibility of the body and rhythmic variations within. Likewise, every moment of life presents itself anew to bring us the wisdom of recognizing our higher self in each moment.

Every new moment is similar to a fresh lease of breath that we inhale. The deeper we breathe the more we realize the vastness of our being in the simple method of breathing. The more we try to hold the breath within the more we feel choked and stressed.

Our reality is for us to deep dive and swims through different situations. Embrace the new in each moment.


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