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We are a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds with expertise in Image Consulting and Training, Human Resources, Finance and Legal Advisory. Our common belief in our eternal connection with self has brought together this amalgamation of rich experiences to share the knowledge to help one recognise their inner power.
Each member of our team is an experienced Serenity Surrender certified Trainer and Therapist. We collectively work towards the well-being of individuals by providing constant guidance and support in their quest for inner peace.

sunyanta faculty


Being a Legal Practitioner for more than a decade, Akhilesh has provided legal consultancy to people from varied backgrounds. Presenting forth his clients’ cases required Akhilesh to understand their psyche and address their emotional grievances. During the course of his professional stint, Akhilesh drew an inclination towards understanding how the emotional turmoil faced by a person leads to a battle of egos between parties transforming into a legal dispute. His hunger for attaining knowledge on the origin of such conflicts dominating the behaviour and relationships of individuals was satiated through Serenity Surrender. He discovered the concept of Self Love which dilutes egos and bridges differences between people. The realisation of mutual interdependence and inter-connection in the growth of all beings has encouraged Akhilesh to facilitate individuals towards experiencing the power of Self Love.
sunyanta faculty


“Style isn’t about attention but self-expression”. Surbhi has always led her life through this belief. Her academic achievements and work experience in advertising gave her a platform to understand her expression through her creativity. She recognised that while creating something new, she only brought forth her own unique expression of self. Acknowledgement of this connection came through her acquaintance with Serenity Surrender which made her aware that what she created was not limited to the requirements of the clients but was more about her perceptions of herself and the world around her. As the relationship between who she is and what she represents strengthened, she recognised that expression can be conveyed through multiple forms. This further facilitated her journey to become a certified Image Consultant which enhanced her connection with self and provided her to express the same through the image she carries. With this added expertise, she co-founded Śūnyānta with the understanding that our effervescent being is a reflection of the link between the mind and the body, which gives completion to our personality. Seeing the beauty of this wisdom, she understood how Image Consulting blended with SS is about capturing that beauty from the inside out that reveals our radiant self.

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