Śūnyānta offers a Wellness Program that opens a window for individuals enabling them to delve deeper into self and understand their mind, body, surroundings and relationships with their co-workers/peers/ friends, all as their choice for personal growth. This understanding brings acceptance of self and their life in general which helps in reducing the stress levels and increases their productivity.

Wellness program by Śūnyānta helps one recognise the conflicts they carry in achieving their life goals (professional as well as personal). It also enables us to witness the outcome, through our choices and resultant acts, to be the most suitable outcome for our current growth. Through the Wellness Program, we understand the connection between our conscious and subconscious mind, its conflicts in perceptions carried by us and how it presents before us in the form of situations and experiences. We thus realise the ability to deal with these
situation and experience effortlessness in our lives.

Realising the multidimensional nature and approach of the program, it has been customised to reach out to individuals from different segments of the society including organisational employees, students, teachers, parents, senior citizens, doctors, etc.

The program is a combination of meditation, self-work exercise, interactive sessions and sharing of different perceptions of daily life concepts and their role and importance in creating our everyday life experiences.

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