Every space has its own energy. Each place of habitation we reside in or work at carries its independent energies. Just like we are connected with our family members and friends, such places are also connected with our energies. The place absorbs and reflects our emotions by becoming one with it.

Entering a temple takes us on a transcendental high, a hospital’s energies make our blood pump faster, making us anxious and constricted. Similarly, entering our own house, we feel at home, relaxed and throw out all the worries to hear the crackling laughter of our children. Like the energies of some houses make us feel happy and vibrant, some make us feel dull and depressed. We also believe some places to be auspicious and lucky while the others being a hurdle in our growth. While we do carry our energies into each space, the space also forms its own energy fields. Thus we ought to keep purifying the environment around us through space cleansing.

Contact us for consultation if:

  • Have bought/ moved to a new house or work space
  • You or your family members are facing frequent health issues while residing in the same house
  • Heavy-headed and have a constant sinking feeling
  • You feel your misfortune is linked with the place of your residence or work
  • Experience disharmony is relationships
  • Sense the presence of an external/ unknown energy

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