Happiness : A chase or state of being ?

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A child asked God: What is the purpose of life”

God replied: To be happy.

Child: How do I be happy?

God: Just by being yourself.

Child: Well I am a child and I love playing with my toys. I like the company of my friends. I love when my Mother hugs me and my father tickles me under my arms. I love when my dog comes up and wags his tail upon seeing me even after 5 minutes. I love playing in the rain and the smell of fresh grass growing on my lawn. Does this mean I am happy?

God: Yes my child, you are happy.

Child: But then I do not see my mother and father doing the same things as I do. For them, happiness means earning more money for living a decent life.  Mother believes that if we eat good food and wear good clothes then we are happy.  Father says if we can go out for long holiday trips then we are happy. So do you mean to say that they are not happy?

God: They are happy but they want to explore happiness.

Child: Why do they want to explore happiness if they already are happy?

God: Happiness is to humans as to what fragrance is to a flower. The more one understands the essence from within the more one blooms. Happiness is searched through the outer world only to realize its essence coming from within.

Child: It is nice to hear that if I carry the essence of being happy from within then I can value it from outer world experiences.

But then why do we feel sad through our experiences?

God: This happens when one creates expectations over our happiness. If one goes out vacationing for a trip then the essence that brings him happiness is the bonding with his family members during the trip, the connection with nature/environment in the trip, and the feeling of comfort in the trip. But many times, one associates happiness with the luxuries of the trip, which is only short-lived. This creates sadness.

Child: Your points are well noted, God. Thank you for being there as always.

God: Your gratitude towards me makes me happy 😊


And this is how life is meant to be. We in the pursuit of happiness to experience it through our targeted desires. What if the desires don’t take shape in reality? Even if the desires manifest in reality then what next?

We are in constant search of exploring our happiness in terms of setting milestones. More often than not we forget to enjoy the process of reaching the milestones and the enriching learnings coming from therein. We complicate our understanding of happiness such that it remains a constant chase. Being needy for happiness keeps us occupied in the circle of needs for creating happiness.

The truth is that happiness is a natural state of our being. That is why we experience happiness in even the smallest moments of our lives: by just holding the hands of our loved ones, hugging our loved ones, seeing a flower bloom from a plant, feeling the cool breeze of the winds flowing through the window, playing with mud, creating artistic designs, listening to music, etc. These signify the basic trait of our being, ie happiness. When we understand this state of our being then we find true happiness through the process of shaping our desires. We realize that life is meant to be simply lived by just being self in every moment. We need not create happiness to experience it.

Trust yourself to be the spark of happiness from within that allows you to experience happiness from multiple aspects of life simply by being yourself.



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  • Sameer Mahajan says:

    This is really beautiful expression of being happy. It seems that we have lost the connection with creator and in process lost the trust that we are happy all the times no matter what. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Thanks Sameer. Very truly pointed out by you that in essence we are always happy or in the path of realising that we are happy.

  • Extremely illuminating
    Happiness is a state of being . Thank you so much for sharing the valuable thoughts.
    Please keep this blog going .

  • Nalini Dang says:

    Very beautifully written and expressed that happiness is not dependent on things. Its unconditional. Its just a gratitude. Extremely beautiful post. Keep posting. Good luck !!

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