1. What is healing?

Healing allows one to resolve the present conflicts to understand the deeper aspects of self and experience the current moment peacefully. Every experience of ours forms an integral part of our growth; healing facilitates imbibing these experiences without any discomfort.

2. Who should come for healing?

Anyone who is looking to live their life in awareness of their choices and experiences and be peaceful must come for healings either through personal sessions or attend workshops to be trained in self-healing.

3. How many personal sessions does one require for healing?

A client who takes healing sessions with respect to any one aspect, would experience a substantial shift in his/her outlook towards life and also attain a sense of inner peace even after the first session. The said aspect would generally take 3-4 healing sessions to be resolved. Additionally, it is advised to learn self-healing as and when the person is ready to witness himself/herself on the path of self-awareness

4. How do you need to prepare for healing sessions?

You need to just come with an open mind and avoid having alcohol, coffee or non-veg on the day of the session.

5. Are there any side effects of healing sessions?

Healing sessions allow us to understand the deeper aspects within ourselves and disentangle the layers of conflicts carried by us since ages. It instantly releases negativities within us and gives a sense of exhilaration. Sometimes the healing does trigger an outpour of emotions, which is absolutely normal as we are ready to accept our transformation.

6. Why should one attend the workshop?

Workshops enable a person to learn the process of healing self in deeper and wider aspects. This enables the person to understand self through a higher perspective and witness the changes happening in life. The person resultantly is at peace and in acceptance of his choices and experiences.

7. What are energies?

Energies are the universal forces of our lives which drives our being. Each matter in this universe is made up of energies. All energies exhibit the true being of ours which is made up of pure unconditional love. While energies project their positivity, they also show the negative aspects to bring us closer to our deep rooted conflicts and resolve them.

8. What is energy exchange?

We live in a physical world where we have chosen money which gives worth to services we are taking from anyone. The healer/therapist provides a service to channel energies into a client’s being by connecting them to their higher self. They become a channel for clients. Money adds value to the services we avail, therefore, paying for healing sessions or workshops allows us to add its value into our experiences.

9. How spirituality is different from religion?

Spiritualty is the recognition of our inner being. It is our inner awakening whereby through spirituality, we recognise that the God that we pray to exists/resides not only within us but in each and every particle of the entire universe.

Each religion propagates that there is only One God, One Supreme Being from whom we derive our positive strength. More often than not when we embrace God through our religion, we tend to make this religion our sole source of identity. Thus arises the fear of extinction of identity if the religion is threatened in any manner whatsoever.

While each religion is complete in itself, it is that aspect of ours through which we are ready to recognise ourselves from within. It leads us to an inner awakening of self. Religion is thus a sub-set of Spirituality through which we choose to recognise the divine within.

We as human kind had chosen religion as a channel to connect with self and this is what religion propagates as well but during hard times we have started believing that God is external to us and we should depend on him rather than recognising the true meaning of religion which always said that God/Creator is with in each of us, spirituality actually connects us back to the roots of actual meaning of religion.

10. Why my expectations/ desires are unfulfilled?

Every desire or expectation of ours which is unfulfilled points towards the inner conflict we carry within us. Our sub-conscious minds carry the beliefs we have against our desires which are presented before us by our conscious mind in the form of desires and expectation. When we fail to acknowledge our conflicts which is manifesting as our unfulfilled desires we disconnect our conscious from the sub-conscious. Using SS healing methodology one can
find the root of conflict of the expectations we carry and once releasing these conflicts we either see our desires getting fulfilled or it will not be a botheration for us anymore.

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