Śūnyānta means the ‘State of Eternal Existence’. It exhibits the singularity of our existence where one is in complete acceptance and harmony with who we are and what we experience in each moment. The rediscovery of ourselves through our experiences makes us recognize that the entire cycle of creation, preservation and transformation happens within self.

Śūnyānta was founded by a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds with expertise in Image Consulting and Training, Human Resources and Legal Advisory. The common belief in our eternal connection with self has brought together this amalgamation of rich experiences to share the knowledge to help one recognise one’s inner power.

Śūnyānta offers a variety of workshops, seminars, talks, space-cleansing and personal sessions to raise one to the point of self-awareness. It follows the revolutionary methodology of Serenity Surrender which takes one to the next level of self-empowerment and enables one to connect with the divine energy to resolve one’s inner conflicts effortlessly.

Each member of Team Śūnyānta is an experienced Trainer and Therapist certified by Serenity Surrender. Collectively working towards the well-being of each individual, the team provides constant guidance and support in their quest for inner peace.

Śūnyānta has been formed with a common vision to foster:

  • Attainment of inner peace
  • Recognition of self-empowerment
  • Connecting the intellectual self with the emotional self
  • Learning to accept our experience being our own choice
  • Understanding self – love
  • Transcending fears
  • Experiencing Self through our relationship with others
  • Finding completion in each moment
  • Exploration of inner happiness
  • Liberation from our negative emotions


Śūnyānta derives its roots from Serenity Surrender- Pathway to Peace (SS), which was founded by Shivi Dua in 2010. With a background of an IT professional, she is now an experienced healer and trainer and has also authored three self-help books. In her experiences with healing through Reiki and Theta, Shivi was intuitively guided to create SS healing methodology which is a way of the holistic study of self.

SS enables us to rediscover our connection with the Creator and empowers us to use thisconnection to achieve our goals effortlessly while making our daily experiences blissful and peaceful. We recognise to no longer remain a victim of the people and situations around usand be in sync with the transformation of our experiences.

Having been associated with SS and healing through different aspects of self, the co-founders of Śūnyānta decided to bring their pool of understandings on a common platform and assist other people to discover their inner power.

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